8-colour flexoprinting machine with central impression (CI)

Technical data

No. of printing sections


Type of inking unit

Closed chamber doctor blade

Max. speed, m/min


Max. printing width, mm


Printing repeat, mm


Max. diametr of roll on unwind/rewind


Type of drying

Hot air

Installed power, kW


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


     Eight-color (six-color) flexoprinting machine of planet building (CI).
   The machines are designed for 8 (6) – color printing on the reeling materials by alcohol paints, water paints and UV- paints or lacquers (on the additional section ), also these machines can fulfill next additional functions(in options) :
carving, stamping, lamination, varnishing, slitting of edges, longitudinal slitting.
The planet building provides universality in selection of using materials and compact construction.
The machines can work with stretchy, non-stretchy materials, such as: polymeric films, metalizated films, foils, paper, pergament paper, glueselfed and laminated materials, sausage’s shells (polyamide, belkosin and etc.).
    The printing quality is provided with strong construction of printing section and high-precision gear drives. The machine has an optimum level of automation for maximum productivity (output) and serviceability, three-contour system of tension control, separate controls of pressing with anilox shafts and with forming shafts, video web control system.
   The perfect system of drying provides effective drying at all speed ranges, on all materials, with deleting of products of a desiccation of paint.
   Section for transportation and drying of the material is situated over the technological sections. Drying is performed by air and the temperature is controlled automatically. The drive allows correcting speed on rewind for compensation heating of materials in the time of drying.
   Air is transmitted through the jets, which are installed between the printing unit and the transportation frame tunnels. There’s an exhausting system of paint vapors. At the inlet of the printing unit there’s edge guide control system.
   Electrical equipment is placed in the electrical cabinet and in two control desks. The frequency convertor masters asynchronous motor of the main drive. There is an option to attach activating agent and video web control system of printing.
   Machine is equipped with two electric lifters that can lift up to 0.5 tons for easy mounting of forming shafts and rolls of material. Working parts are protected by covers and safety borders with blocking devices.

Finishing section for FDR-420 / 8 (optional)



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