2PR-1300 - slitting rewinding machine

Technical data

Max. width of the roll for cutting, mm


Max. diameter of rolls on unwind, mm


Max. diameter of rolls on rewind, mm


Quantity of spindles on rewind


Min. width of reeled up rolls, mm


Max. speed, m/min


Installed power, kW 19,5
Overall dimensions, mm

2675х 2040 х 1800

Weight, kg


This machine is designed for slitting, rewinding and rolling into bobbins of printed and unprinted rolls of film, paper, foil and laminated film. The machine has compact construction with a rigid skeleton and ensures a top quality of processing of material. Directing and clamping shafts are balanced and made of aluminum alloy. Cover of holding shafts allows working with slippery materials on high velocities.
 All power drives of the machine are constructed of the induction motors, controlled by frequency converters with deep range regulation velocities. The main drive of the machine ensures a drive of the submitting shaft and blade shafts. The electronic control system of the machine unites all parts of the machine to ensure the functioning and preparing for work. Work of the operator on service of a cutting process is reduced to a necessary minimum. The electro equipment is mounted in a separate electro case, and is controlled by the machine and display - on the obverse panel of a control console. Input and the control of parameters are executed from the uniform sensor panel. The control system has developed system of diagnostics of process of the machine work and messages to the operator on emergency situations during preparing and work of the machine.
The section of unwinding is equipped by a spindle with pneumatic fixation of a roll. Unwinding has the automatic monitoring system of tension of web. The web-guide system  of a lateral alignment allows to fulfill an alignment on a deck edge of a roll or on a strip of the material. The control system of the machine monitors an alignment and in case of an emergency situation with an alignment stops the machine to prevent spoilage.
The device for cutting cloths: depending on type of a material it can be effected by blades or disk knifes. The lever system of a supply of - tap of blades and knifes ensures fast change of cutting type. The machine is equipped by the built in pneumatic device of removal of the cut off waste and allows working with heavy enough materials.
The gear of coiling: consists of two spindles which are fetched by own drive. The machine design allows changing spindle depending on a necessary bottom diameter of the barrel. The control system of the machine adjusts velocity of rotation of spindles of coiling, ensuring exact observance of a set point of movement in a zone of slip of ball clutches of barrels bracing.
On spindles are installed ball clutches, which ensure an opportunity of fast fixation and refloating of barrels from finished products. Clutches fulfill frictional connection of barrels with a spindle for providing identical tension of a material. The air pressure in spindles of coiling is executed from the sensor board for installation of corresponding tension. Regulation of the given pressure during work is ensured with a control system. Spindles of coiling are equipped with pressing rubber shafts; the effort of a clip is adjusted by pneumatic cylinders. Removing of finished products is executed on the receiving device connected the end of a spindle of coiling, thus the mobile base of a spindle is easily removed downwards by means of a pneumatic cylinder.
The machine provides  high quality of works, is simple to use and has a long operational resource.


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