DVL-1800 printing and die-cutting machine

Technical data

 No. of printing sections up to 4 
Max.sheet size, mm

1800 х 1100

Min. sheet size, mm

360 х 400

Corrugated board thickness, mm

2,5 - 9,0

Speed, sheet/min

up to 100

Installed power, kW

up to 21 
Overall dimensions, mm

4250…6300 х 2900 х 1800

Weight, kg


This line is designed for making packages of corrugated board with complicated carving and for applying color pictures (1-4 colors) with flexoprinting. The line has module structure – it has several self-regulating sections: self-feeding, printing, slotting section and rotary die cutting section. This enables shift of technological possibilities of the line, which can be equipped with different configurations. While maintaining, sections can be separated. Removing connecting clutches can easily disconnect distribution shaft on each section. Operation of the line is performed by the control desk, which is placed on the self-feeding device.
Self-feeder. Packs of sheets are loaded into table of feeding. Sheets are separated one by one and are automatically pushed in the next section with the help of mechanical pushers. There are vacuum suctions on table of feeding.
Printing section applies pictures with water paints. Photopolymer forms can be installed on the forming shaft with the help of stripping film. Other forms, mounted on the stripping film, can be also applied. Painting device consists of ink-feeding and anilox shafts. The pump provides constant flow of paint. Pressure between ink-feeding and anilox shafts is provided by the pneumocylinders. There are longitudinal and axial register of printing.
Slotting section is designed for slotting collapsible four-flap boxes. It can apply bending, carve grooves, cut down connecting flap and cut back the edge of the sheet. Section has rough and fine regulation of grooves placement. Two by two regulation of carving and cutting-down blades in axial direction is performed simultaneously with the help of special mechanism.
Rotary-cutting section is designed for making boxes and complicated elements of packages with the help of cylindrical die-cutting forms. Counter-shaft is equipped with polyurethane bandages. While operating, it makes reversing axial turns. It allows to lower the wearing of polyurethane bandages.


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