Solventless lamination machine LBS-1000
Technical data

Max. speed, m/min


Type of lamination


Number of lamination layers


Max. Width of material, mm


Max. diameter of rollers, mm


Power, kW


Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


   Laminator of this series is developed specially for solventless technology of lamination. Modern solventless glues allow working practically with any combinations of materials; they are fire-safe and provide the ecological norms of safety for a working personnel and environment. The glue section of lamination machine is executed according to four-roll scheme and provides high productivity at insignificant expense of glue.
   The scale of possible materials is wide: alfol, BOPP-tape, PENP-tape, cast polyamide, polyethylene and other. Technical decisions of lamination machine allow getting good quality of process at optimum combination of price and productivity of equipment.
   The electronic checking and adjusting control system in all areas of winding of materials allow working successfully with the large scale of materials and providing high quality of process. Rollers are thermocontrolled, their temperature is provided by circulation of water under the management of the thermostatting system. Level and range of temperatures is determined by the type of glue.
   The machine is equipped with the modern system of adjusting of correlation of speeds of rollers, which determines the volume glue inflicted on the material. There is also the mechanism of the micrometrical tuning of batching rollers. If the automatic station of glue mixing is used, the level of glue is supported by contactless sensor.
   The device of unwinding of material is equipped with edge tracking system with ultrasonic sensor and electronic brake. The device allows to wind off material in two directions.
   The machine is equipped with the corona treatment of tape, cooling roller, perfect system of winding of material, pneumatic spindles on unwinding and winding, good ventilation for gluing steams removal. LBS-1000 is equipped with modern drives on the base of engines ACE by Mitsubishi and ABB, controllers and panels by Mitsubishi.
   Lamination machine LBS-1000 provides good results at optimum correlation price-quality. Basic set does not include corona treatment and automatic station of glue mixing.
    Options of lamination machine:
1. Corona treatment for materials.
2. Automatic station of mixing and supplying of 2 component glue “Matrix M3” (Italy), which is supplied with lamination machine, allows to support mixing of components at set level, unchanging viscidity and set temperature of glue mixture.
   At customer request, laminator can be equipped with the automatic station of mixing by other brands in the proper acquisition.




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