Machine-tool for mounting of flexoprinting forms


Technical data

Parameters of forming rollers


max width of printing,  mm


max length of printing, mm


min length of printing, mm


Gluing tapes 


Precision of video cameras positioning


According to electronic ruler, mm


Repeating of camera position, mm


Optical systems


Video camera   2 x   black and white 1/3" B/W CCD
Monitor 2 x  black and white  15"  NVM-015M with appliede electronic cross and squareа
Lens  40x zoom
Management of rotation of forming roller    
by numeric scale adapter with number of positions  - 12 (24)
Габаритные размеры, мм 2240 x 750 x 1850
Mass, kg 825
   The machine-tool SM-1200 of stationary universal construction allows executing mounting of printing forms on the forming rollers and on the shells of machines of the different format. The maximal size of working length of roller (shells) equals 1250 mm. The machine-tool is equipped with 2 TV cameras, which are positioned according to the electronic line within 0.01 mm.
  The feed-screws of carriages of the TV cameras allow facilitating their exact tincture and fixing, which is very convenient when editing of the multi stream forms.  Combination of forms is carried out according to crosses and micro spots. Two 15” monitors provide 40x zoom.
   The electronic system generates crosses and squares on the screen of monitors, on which an operator combines the feeding marks of forms. Front and back tables of the machine-tool allow an operator orienting the form at mounting quickly and precisely. The fixed turn of the forming roller (shells) allows conducting editing of multi stream forms with a necessary step.
   The hard frame of the machine-tool allows getting the stable results of mounting of forms and carry out control of mounting on all surfaces of the forming rollers. Usage of the machine-tool allows shortening adjustings works and improving quality of printing of the flexoprinting machines.




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