3TPSh-50C, 3TPSh-70C, 3TPSh-120C, 3TPSh-50Н
wire sewer for side panels of boxes

Technical data

 Length of dart of sewer’s head , mm

500 (700,1200)

Max. thickness of products, mm


Speed, cycle/min


Material of staples:

 polygraphic wire, mm


flat band, mm


Overall dimensions, mm):

     3TPSh-50С, 3TPSh-50Н






Weight, kg

240 - 310

Wire-stitchers 3TPSh are designed for stitching of cardboard tare by wire staples.
3TPSh -50С, -70С, -120С models sew the side walls 500, 700 and 1200 mm long.
3TPSh -50Н model sews bottom flaps with junction up to 500 mm long.
3TPSh -50В model sews top flaps of full boxes with junction up to 500 mm long.
Tare wire-stitchers can automatically perform the following operations: feeding and straightening of wire, cutting up of wire piece for desired length, feeding of the wire to the sewing section, forming of П-shaped fasteners, stitching, bending of the fasteners’ ends.
The sewing can be performed by three kinds: longitudinal, transverse and diagonal (45°). The type of junction is fixed by interchange of the head. Adjustment of the sewing apparatus to the thickness of the books is performed centralized with the hand wheel. Change parts of the apparatus enable sewing with 0,5-1,0 mm round wire or with flattened tape with 2,5x0,5 mm profile. Sewing heads are valid for all models. Sewing head has individual drive. It is installed on the cast-iron stand. The machine is pedal controlled.


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