Slitting rewinding machine  for  tapes of cash registers

Technical data
Max. width of the roll for cutting, mm 1040
Max. diameter of rolls on unwind, mm 1020
Max. diameter of rolls on rewind, mm 250
 Min. width of reeled up rolls, mm 25
Internal diameter of plug on unwind/ rewind, mm    76 (152) / 12
Max. speed, m/min 250

Installed power, kW


Overall dimensions, mm

2100 х 2150 х 1400

Weight, kg

The machine  4PR-1000 is designed for industrial unwinding and slitting wide rolls on rollers in diameter up to 250 mm with a width from 25 mm. The machine can be used for slitting and rewind  on plugs of various diameter of a paper (thermal paper), the tapes for cash registers , polymeric film and laminated products and other materials.   
This semiautomatic machine provides  high quality of works, is simple to use and has a long operational resource.


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