FDR-600/8 flexoprinting machine

Technical data

No. of printing sections


Type of inking unit

Closed chamber doctor blade

Max. speed, m/min


Max. printing width, mm


Printing repeat, mm


Max. diametr of roll on unwind/rewind


Type of drying

Hot air

Installed power, kW


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


   ФFDR-600/8 machines are designed for high-quality flexoprinting on a wide range of packaging materials such as LDPE, LLDPE, HOPE, BOPP, CPP, PP, PA, PET, cellophane, aluminum foil, laminated materials and paper .

  Printing section with the central printing cylinder (inking units are efficiently placed around it). Printing cylinder is made from quality construction steel and chromed.The metallic forming shafts are chromed; also the forming shafts can be pneumatic with polymer cartridges on them (option). Inking unit with closed chamber doctor blades is equipped with anilox metallic or ceramic shafts (up to 320 lines per centimeter). Pneumatic c drive performs automatic clamping and offsetting of the forming cylinders. Regulation horizontal and vertical register is implemented by high-precession pair and gears.

Rewinding-unwinding section is equipped with pneumatic shaft fixation of the roll. Pneumatic braking clutch is installed on the rewinding spindle for constant tension of the materials. Tension system on the unwinding section provides tension from 40 to 250 N. The asynchronous motor of main drive with feedback through the sensor shaft is controlled by frequency converter .Section is equipped with cooling cylinder.

Section for transportation and drying of the material is situated over the technological sections. Drying is performed by air and the temperature is controlled automatically. The drive allows correcting speed on rewind for compensation heating of materials in the time of drying.

Air is transmitted through the jets, which are installed between the printing unit and the transportation frame tunnels. There’s an exhausting system of paint vapors. At the inlet of the printing unit there’s edge guide control system.

Electrical equipment is placed in the electrical cabinet and in two control desks. The frequency convertor masters asynchronous motor of the main drive.

Working parts are protected by covers and safety borders with blocking devices.






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