Industrial services

Machining of details, manufacturing
Metal goods and the non-standard equipment production

For industrial services in machining we use a wide spectrum of modern metal cutting machine tools, located on our enterprise:
- lathes - diameter of a detail up to 1000 mm and length up to 3200 mm;
- vertical lathes - diameter of a detail up to 2100 mm and height up to 1500 mm;
- mathining centers, table size 800x800 mm
- horizontal boring and vertical boring for processing of details in the sizes 1500х1500 mm;            
- gear cutting and gear grinding - diameter of a detail up to 800 mm and the module up to 6 mm;
- cylindrical grinding - diameter of a detail up to 500 mm, length up to 2800 mm, surface grinding in the sizes of a detail 630х2000 mm and different types of grinds;
- the special cylindrical grinding machine tool for processing of large-sized cylinders with the diameter of a detail up to 2000 mm and length up to 2000 mm;
- milling of all kinds, bed milling with maximum sizes of a detail 1500х3150 mm;
- the special lathe machine for for internal processing of pipes and cylinders with the internal diameter of a detail up to 500 mm and length up to 2000 mm.

We make all kinds of welding works of metals and thermal processing of metal details.
We execute a galvanic and a powder polymeric covering.
We make static and dynamic balancing of shafts and cylinders.
We produce metal boxes and other metal products and designs.
We conduct works on manufacturing and working out of the non-standard equipment and industrial equipment under the technical project of the customer and
design - construction work in the field of mechanical engineering.

Quality assurance of the details, knots and cars is carried out by own factory laboratory.




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