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Installation of a new flexoprinting machine

    In July 2021, JSC "Kyivpoligraphmash" completed production and delivered an eight-color flexographic machine to the Kharkov plant "Polymercontainer" "FDR 600/8" with a central impression cylinder. It is designed for high-quality multicolor printing on various types of roll materials.
    This is the second machine of this new model, and the first was delivered to Slovakia at the end of last year. "FDR 600/8" is an analogue of the well-known serial machines "FDR-420/8", which have been successfully operated in many countries for more than ten years.
But in "FDR 600/8" the print width was increased to 620 mm and a number of improvements were made. In particular, the drive for displacement of the plate rolls, the drying system and the lateral alignment of the web have been modernized.
   On the material tension control system, from the unwinding side, the brake clutch was replaced from an electromagnetic one to a pneumatic one made in Italy. The machine is equipped with a device for loading heavy rolls of material.
   The control system is built on the basis of programmable controllers (PLC) and operator panels (HMI), which ensure the logical interaction of all nodes and units of the machine with the issuance of the necessary information to the main control panel.
   The video surveillance system of the German company "E + L" provides high-quality control of the process both in normal and in reverse printing.
   "FDR 600/8" is easy to operate and provides an appropriate level of safety, confirmed by the EC certificate.
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 Installation of a flexoprinting machine

In March 2021, Kyivpoligrafmash delivered a 5-color flexprinting machine FDR-210/5 to IP Sharipov (Kazakhstan). The machine is designed for full-color printing on sausage casings, labels and various packaging products, with their corresponding processing. The machine is equipped with a slitting die cutting finishing section and an additional pneumatic winding shaft. It has a stepless speed control and controlled by the controller with the output of the necessary information on the display.
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Installation BNSh-6 semi-automatic book sewing machines and the 4BPSh-30 wire sewing machine

n December 2019, Kievpolygraphmash delivered the BNSh-6 semi-automatic book sewing machines and the 4BPSh-30 wire sewing machine to the Ivan Chernyakhovsky National University of Defense of Ukraine.
    BNSh-6  are designed to sew up folded sections in inner books by threads on gauze and without it. Three types of stitches are used: stitching, bookbinding and shift bookbinding. Sewing with root material is available. This enables high quality production of different types of products - from pocket books to big and voluminal dictionaries.The operator feed opened books on side of conveyer of the machine blocks of books are loaded into feed box.
Sewing device and drive are installed on iron-cast stand to provide stiffness of the construction and to avoid vibration.
       4BPSh-30 provide two types of sewing: inseaming – sewing of the back edges of books in blocks with wire; and outserting – sewing of the rooting fold of books with staples.
Books for sewing are fed on the table by the operator manually.
The table of the stitcher can be installed either in the horizontal position (to sew by side stitch) or at the angle of 45° (to sew by saddle stitch).
Sewing device and feeder are installed on iron-cast stand to provide stiffness of the construction and to avoid vibration.
The company has produced more than 1500 such machines, which are successfully operated in many countries of Europe, Asia and South America.

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New development of Kievpolygraphmash

    Kyivpolygraphmash JSC created a new model of flexographic machine for multi-color printing on various roll materials: polymer film, paper, foil, glassine, sausage casings and self-adhesive materials. The new eight-color machine has a compact planetary construction with a central printing cylinder, and its colorful devices are equipped with closed doctor blades. It has an optimal level of automation with a three-loop web tension system and separate control of the onslaught of anilox and plate shafts. The machine is equipped with modern systems of lateral alignment and video control. Programmable controllers and frequency drives of the machine are used by MITSUBISHI and ABB.
     The new machine "FDR 600/8" is an analogue of factory production machines "FDR-420/8", which are successfully operated in Europe and the CIS.  At the same time, on the new model of the machine, the printing width was increased to 615 mm and the printing apparatuses, the drying system and the side alignment of the web were modernized.


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